The very first Indian restaurant in Leigh-on-Sea

Taj Mahal first opened it’s doors to the local diners in 1973, making it the very first Indian restaurant in Leigh-on-sea, now the oldest established Indian restaurant in Southend

Our family has been providing the local area with incredibly good quality food created from the finest fresh ingredients for over 40 years. Providing customers with a wonderfully memorable experience has been our family aspiration for decades and is still impressing to this day.

Older family members have passed on their wisdom in creating authentic, flavoursome food and the Uddin’ sons have now inherited their passion and drive and have been keen to give the restaurant a brand new modern look with warm, rich comfortable surroundings. New innovative ideas that enhance your culinary experience without loosing the authenticity of family roots.

We are constantly introducing new concepts and events, based on our famous traditional currys and the old favourites such as fish and seafood dishes.

Our Chefs recommendations are simply stunning - new innovative dishes using traditional cooking styles, focusing on the incredible natural flavours with minimal artificial colouring.

Less colour, more flavour is key to our impeccable dishes, fresh ingredients and outstanding execution. We are here to provide you with the complete dining experience of great service, excellent food and a fabulous atmosphere, whatever the occasion.