Restaurant Menu

At Taj Mahal we cook authentic Indian cuisine so please do not be surprised if our dishes are not as bright red or bright orange as they are in other restaurants.
We only use the minimum amount of food colouring in our cooking and the colours of the spices are natural.
We believe Indian cooking should be all about the flavours and aromas of the spices and not about the colour of the food. We hope you agree.


Signature Dishes

Tandoori Seafood Dishes

All dishes contain Dairy and Mustard

Old Favourites

All dishes contain Dairy and Mustard

Tandoori Dishes

Served with salad - All dishes contain Dairy and Mustard

Biriani Dishes

Cooked with rice and served with side mixed vegetable curry with mushrooms - £1.95 extra or with fresh green chillies - £1.50 extra
All dishes contain Dairy and Mustard

Balti Dishes

Contains Nut Purée, Dairy and Mustard

Persian Dishes

Dansak Piri Piri contains Dairy & Mustard

Curry Dishes

Vegetarian Main Dishes

Contains Dairy and Mustard

Vegan Main Dishes

Contains Mustard

Rice Dishes

Vegetable Side Dishes

Fresh Breads

Contains Dairy, Eggs, Sesemee Seeds and Wheat

Papadum, Pickles & Salads