Restaurant Menu

Taj Mahal’s dishes are authentic, healthier and tastier. Our chefs let the natural ingredients overwhelm the dish with minimal artificial colouring, creating stunning shades and depths to our cuisine.
Our rice and all of our marinated dishes contains dairy, our bread contains dairy and wheat. If you have any allergy or intolerances please ask for further information.


Signature Dishes

Tandoori Seafood Dishes

Fish Dishes

May contain bones

Old Favourites

Tandoori Dishes

Served with salad

Biriani Dishes

Cooked with rice and served with side mixed vegetable curry with mushrooms - £1.95 extra or with fresh green chillies - £1.50 extra

Persian Dishes

Dansak: a hot, sweet & sour lentil sauce
Pathia: A hot sweet & sour tomato sauce

Curry Dishes

Balti Dishes

Contains nut purée

Vegetarian Dishes

Rice Dishes

Vegetable Side Dishes


Pickles & Salads